Red Supergiant Radii and the Rise Times of SN IIP Light Curves

Submitted by cott on Wed, 03/30/2016 - 05:10

New paper by Viktoriya Morozova, Tony Piro, Mathieu Renzo, Christian Ott:

"Numerical Modeling of the Early Light Curves of Type IIP Supernovae", submitted to ApJ, arXiv:1603.08530.

We show, using SNEC, that there is a tight correlation between Type IIP (plateau) core-collapse supernova rise times (in g-band) and the radii of their progenitor red supergiant stars. See below figure! SNEC and all inputs to our models are available as part of our open-science initiative here on

SN IIP g-band rise times as a function of progenitor radius
Morozova et al. 2016, arXiv:1603.08530