In this section, we provide open source codes for stellar collapse and related phenomena. If you would like to host your code on, please drop us a note at   .

The following code are presently hosted on

  • Zelmani - Cactus/Einstein Toolkit modules ("Thorns") for 3D stellar collapse and core-collapse supernova simulations.
  • Sedonu - An Open-Source Monte-Carlo Neutrino Transport Code.
  • GR1D - A New Open-Source Spherically-Symmetric Code for Stellar Collapse to Neutron Stars and Black Holes.
  • GR1Dv2 - Open-Source Spherically-Symmetric Neutrino Radiation-Hydrodynamics.
  • SNEC - The SuperNova Explosion Code
  • CCSNMultivar - Multivariate Regression Analysis of Gravitational Waves from Rotating Core Collapse