Major update: Public release of the GR1D code and new EOS tables

Submitted by cott on Tue, 12/15/2009 - 03:45

We have had a busy and productive fall and have updated today. The two major things are:

  • GR1D -- GR1D is a new spherically-symmetric open-source code for simulations of stellar collapse to neutron stars and black holes. The paper describing this code is O'Connor and Ott, arXiv:0912.2393. We have just submitted this paper to the special issue of Classical and Quantum Gravity for the MICRA2009 workshop. GR1D is available for download in the Codes section.
  • Equation of State Tables: We are making available for the first time full EOS tables for the EOS of Lattimer & Swesty (1990) with values of the nuclear incompressibility K of 180 MeV, 220 MeV, and 375 MeV. In addition, we have updated our existing EOS table for the EOS of Shen et al. (1998), including a more consistent treatment of neutron and proton chemical potentials at densities below 10^7 g/cm^3. You can find and download these tables in the Microphysics section.