Microphysics: Equation of State

The EOS routines and tables were put together by Christian D. Ott and Evan O'Connor. Please feel free to use them, but please make reference to Evan O’Connor and Christian D. Ott, A New Spherically-Symmetric General Relativistic Hydrodynamics Code for Stellar Collapse to Neutron Stars and Black Holes, Class. Quant. Grav., 27 114103, 2010, and, of course, the original authors of the EOS.

If you have any questions or have discovered a bug in our routines/tables, please e-mail us at .

Disclaimer: Please note that the routines and tables provided here come with absolutely no warranty and we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to provide support or help if you run into problems integrating them with your simulation code. If you decide to use the provided EOS routines and data in published work, it is YOUR responsibility to check their physical correctness and consistency.

Licensing: For the time being (until licensing issue are sorted out), we release the code under the creative commons attribution-noncommercial-share alike license:
Creative Commons License.
This means that you may use the code and tables, but must make reference to our work, must not use them for commercial purposes, and any code including or using our routines or part of them may be made publicly available, and if so, only under the same license.